Uniting Capital and Innovation

KRK Capital Partners is a boutique advisory and investment firm with offices in Washington D.C., Richmond, VA and Jacksonville, FL.

Our goal is to provide creative solutions that help bring renewable and clean energy technologies to reality. By utilizing the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of the partners, we are able to provide a basket of services that address and successfully meet the business development, capital, engineering and advisory needs of our clients. Moreover, our knowledge of policy intricacies will enable our clients to successfully win incentive opportunities and thrive under the regulatory structures of state and federal government. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and expert insight to help bring our clients dreams to fruition.

A Singular Focus on the Future

Our mission is to facilitate the development and commercialization of renewable energy & energy efficiency technologies. By applying a business model that has been specifically created to address the needs of developing clean energy companies, KRK offers a tailored platform that more effectively connects investors and catalyst with entrepreneurs and technologies. With experience in capital procurement, engineering design of renewable energy projects, business development, technology commercialization, and government relations; KRK Capital Partners has the resources to transform your vision into a reality.

Partners in a New Economy

KRK Capital Partners is firmly dedicated to helping facilitate the green technology and clean energy revolution. We’ve established strong ties to the policy makers, entrepreneurs, and researchers at the core of this new economy through participation in regional business networks, international conferences, and professional associations. Below are some of the more recent events we’ve attended and some of the associations that our firm’s partners have joined.